Glasgow Uni Community Fridge

Glasgow Uni Community Fridge


The Glasgow University Environmental Sustainability Team (GUEST) is currently having a trial run of a new communal fridge in the University library. The fridge contains food that has been donated from local businesses that would otherwise go to waste despite still being edible. The fridge is free for everybody to help themselves and it is located on level three of the library next to the vending machines.

The fridge is currently in a stage of a soft launch, where GUEST is collecting food from local businesses several times a week. The society hopes to fully launch the fridge towards the end of January and early February, once they have gathered volunteers to pick up the food and have gotten used to the collection. Rhona Fecke, the GUEST sustainable food promoter states on the Facebook Group of the project:

“The Fridge was set up as a way to do something about the huge amount of food that gets thrown away every day while still being perfectly edible. The UK wastes around 10 million tonnes of food each year, but 60% of this could be avoided.“



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