Charles Burrell Community Fridge

Charles Burrell Community Fridge


We’ve recently installed a community fridge as part of the initiative by Breckland Council to reduce food waste. The community fridge is situated in the Engine Room café, which is easily accessible via the main entrance to the building and the extended opening hours means the local community can use the fridge from early morning to late at night. Also, through having the Food Bank and Thetford Night Shelter as tenants of the center, the community fridge helps to complement the service that they offer and they are able to signpost those vulnerable members of the community to the fridge and the free food that we can provide them with. At present, we only have one major supermarket supplying us, and as demand is growing fast we’re finding that we soon have nothing left to offer those who need it. Since it’s been installed it has been incredibly popular, particularly as the center is located in an area with a high proportion of social housing and low-income families. Therefore, any more donations that we can get to help increase our stock and meet these demands, would be really appreciated.



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