FREE Kids Personalised Book

Get your first personalised kids picture book worth £14.99 for free and only £1.99 delivery postage at Beans & Sparks.

Beans & Sparks are a subscription service where parents can create and customise books every month, each time featuring their child on a different adventure.

It is a subscription service which you can cancel at anytime after you receive your first book. If you continue, it is £14.99 each month with free postage included and you get a different themed book every month covering emotions, adventure, science and creativity. Beans & Sparks work with a great team of experts including writers, teachers and educational psychologists. Each book will address a specific learning outcome in a fun, engaging way.

Head over Beans & Sparks and customise your child’s avatar. Nothing is better than hearing your child laugh and cheer as you both find out how they defeat their latest adventure in this months Beans & Sparks books.


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