Selling Old Clothes Online For Money

Day 3 of my attempt to save and make as much money as I can during lockdown, and this time I made my way to Aldi for breakfast.

Grab the raw materials
Because it’s always cheaper to buy raw ingredients rather than readymade meals, and because I only had £1 to spend on breakfast every day, I figured I’d buy supplies that would allow me to make a lot of something for very little; pancakes. Pancakes without eggs, that is (It’s the vegan life for me). Then all I would need was a couple of items for added flavour.
By browsing through the discount isle, I managed to find flour 45p, strawberry jam for 28p, and two bananas for 26p.

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First tip of the day: downgrade
One of the best, and perhaps most obvious, things you can do to reduce your monthly spending is to reduce the number of things you have to pay for.
Netflix, Disney plus, and Expressvpn are great to have, and might even feel like absolute lifesavers when you’re stuck at home all day, but with all the expenses you probably already have you might need to think twice about how necessary they are.
The same is true of many of your current contracts and services. Migrate to the cell phone plan with 40 gigs of data instead of 60, or change your premium accounts to regular until the ball starts rolling again (financially speaking). That way you won’t have to go without those services completely!

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Sell Items that aren’t essential or being used
Looking around my apartment got me thinking about how much stuff I actually have, stuff I really like or liked at some point but don’t really have much of a use for at the moment. I realized that what I was essentially looking at was money going to waste, and decided I’d try to sell some of it.
Selling my extra clothes seemed like the obvious choice. Fortunately, not going out as much meant the need to be “fashionable” wasn’t really a top priority anyway. This meant that the thoughts in the back of my head that would typically say “hold on, what if I get invited to an 80’s themed bachelor party but no longer have a funky, urban, psychedelic flower jumper to come to see me through the night,” wouldn’t hold nearly as much weight anymore.
I found two jackets and a coat that were in good condition and didn’t consider to be essential. I then took a few quality photos of them and uploaded them to a site called Depop lets users buy or sell unwanted clothing items that are still in good condition and is a great place to shop if you’re looking for unique pieces at great prices. Once you’ve gathered the items you want to sell, fill in the necessary information, such as size, condition, brand, and price, then hit post.
When you make enough small little investments like these, it usually won’t take very long before things start to happen. Little by little the fish start biting, and before you know it you’ve got a steady roll of cash coming in from every direction. It’s just a matter of time.

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Don’t forget to spoil yourself every now and then
With £2 left for lunch and dinner, and a plethora of leftover foods from the last few days, I figured it was time to treat myself to something hearty. Try to remember that your moral is important for your survival too. If you deprive yourself too much you might find yourself in even more trouble than you started with!
In my case, a large vegan pizza for exactly £2 seemed like it would probably do the trick.
Of course, I had just bought flour earlier that day and one might be confused as to why I wouldn’t just make my own pizza, but that’s something that I would much prefer to add to a different series I plan on tackling: “Vegan on a Budget”.

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Learn new skills!
So far, my “brokenness” during lockdown was going pretty well. I had found a number of ways to make a passive income, and could consistently spend £3 (or less) a day on food.
I’d also found ways to make the most of my free time by learning new skills, such as juggling which happens to be a fantastic mental exercise. Taking the time to improve myself definitely did wonders for my sanity, so I’m sure it would be the same for you. Be sure to find something that could improve your life in a meaningful way then learn how to do it — you might never have a chance to grow like this again!


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